What is the SpaceSense python library?

SpaceSense is a library which facilitates downloading, processing, and fusing of satellite and other geospatial data. Currently in a closed Alpha, this library enables the selection and downloading of Sentinel-1 analysis ready data (ARD), as well as data fusion.

Sentinel-1 ARD simply requires the selection of an area of interest (AOI) and date range, and can quickly process and download the resulting S1 data to a python xarray and to a local file (which can be reloaded into python for further processing and analysis).

Data Fusion enables the selection of Sentinel-1 and/or Sentinel-2 images to be fused together, along with any specified custom rasters or vectors. This fusion module harmonizes the S1, S2, and custom data to consistent pixel sizes and georeferences. This simplifies processing and downloading and provides a consistent end result to be used in your model or product pipeline.