• Added Landsat L2 ARD to the SpaceSense catalog!

  • Added a K-mean clustering utility and associated visualization function for fusion results

  • Fixed no data values incorrectly set to zero in fusion

  • Additional use cases added to example documentation



  • Added three visualization functions to the fuseResult: plot_rgb, plot_timeseries, and plot_availability. Take a look at the documentation of core.fuseResult for the details. Examples to come soon.

  • User now has the ability to explicitly set (or map) values when fusing categorical file_handler.Vector attribute data through an additional paramter “category_mapping”

  • Various backend and logging improvements


  • Added numerous machine learning utilities (e.g. splitting results and saving as tfrecord)

  • Sentinel-1 search (“s1_search”) now functions the same as Sentinel-2 search (“s2_search”), meaning all results are returned regardless if multiple scenes are on the same day

  • Added a “filter_duplicate_dates” method to the Sentinel-1 result object to automate removal of duplicate dates from the search results

  • Backend performance and stability improvements

  • Changed default interpolation method for custom vectors to “nearest” from “bilinear”

  • Users can now fuse GeoDataFrames as custom vectors

  • Python 3.8 is now officially supported


  • Added ERA5 weather data into catalog (search and fusion)

  • Major backend performance and stability improvements

  • Users with access to the “Job” feature can now list all past and current jobs

  • Job status bug resulting in continuous “Running” status after crash now fixed

  • Band names for data variables are consistently capitalized (e.g. S1_VV instead of s1_vv, and S2_B04 instead of s2_B04)

  • Sentinel-2 bands B02, B03, B04, and B08 can also now be selected by the strings “BLUE”, “GREEN”, “RED”, and “NIR” respectively


  • Fixed missing library dependency


  • Fused result now has the time dimension enabled by default

  • Improved S1 and S2 metadata information and metadata structure

  • “Job” functionality now available for select users

  • Small restructure to library modules; Client, Raster, and Vector are now accessible simply with “spacesense” not “spacesense.collections”

  • Added functionality to reload previous fused results directly as the FusedResult class

  • Generalized geoutility function “measure_distance” from “distance_to_water”

  • Standardized dataframe parameters returned from “s1_search”